You’ve heard that open source technologies are innovating faster than enterprise software suppliers.

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Need a strategy for combining commercial products and open source for IT analytics and performance management?

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When your executive leadership asks for a strategy enhancing your investments in commercial technologies with open source

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We Are Innovative

From high impact executive dashboards, to the automation of root cause analysis, to ensuring timely upgrades of the latest versions of technologies.

From the most advanced techniques to even the basics of backups, health checks, and application tuning and optimization.

From saving our clients money using the most robust open source technologies to differentiating ourselves at a fraction of cost of large box vendors or big consulting.




IT professionals need ways to record, analyze and improve application and infrastructure performance.






Many performance and analytics tools are now offered as a Cloud-based Services. For companies that want to avoid managing an on-premises solution, we help integrate them into your strategy and tailor/extend to fit your unique needs.





Open source

The DevOps community has created many free best-of-breed performance monitoring tools.




Application Intelligence.

Our value:

1. Focused post implementation consulting and value realization for leading APM software: AppDynamics and Dynatrace

2. Ensuring full value realization of technology investments through expert advice and configuration tuning of your monitoring solutions

3. IT Consulting expertise and solutions tailored to your organization’s unique needs and industry.


Ensuring that application performance meets or exceeds expectations

End User Monitoring

Creating a superior end user experience across mobile and web applications

IT and Business Analytics

Producing KPIs, based on analytics of application and business performance management

Infrastructure visibility

Providing visibility into the infrastructure’s impact on application performance

Core Expertise

To ensure that infrastructure and application modernization pays off, it is imperative to use Next Generation IT tools.

What sets us apart is our proven ability to apply them consistently under the best of breed architecture and quality principles.

AppDynamics and Dynatrace

AppDynamics and Dynatrace

For Modern Application Visibility


For IT Security and Operations


All Things Cloud
Prometheus and TICK

Prometheus and TICK

For Next-Gen Infrastructure Monitoring


Any scale, any use-case


For dynamic infrastructure

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